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Bridge Doctors Pty Ltd is a small, nimble bridge inspection and bridge assessment service based in northern NSW. For over a decade Bridgedoctors have led the field in delivering cost-effective Level 2 bridge inspection, construction and maintenance services in NSW.

why choose us

Our 40 years of industry experience in bridge construction and maintenance has developed our specialist skills in Level 2 bridge inspections and bridge assessment services.
We are a small and nimble company offering a flexible and proactive approach to deliver project requirements on budget and within allocated timeframes.
We are family owned and operated. We develop long term client relationships aimed at cost-effective and sustainable bridge asset management.


With over 40 years of experience, Kevin’s career commenced with Transport for NSW (TfNSW) as a civil engineer and construction carpenter.

His experience spans bridge construction and maintenance, Works Supervision and Senior Surveillance roles involving Contract Management and Independent Verification.

Kevin, as the co-owner/director of Bridgedoctors, has immense experience and knowledge of TfNSW project, inspection, maintenance and construction related activities. Kevin is the person to engage to ensure TfNSW specifications and quality requirements are met.


Joining Bridgedoctors is a career change for Ros. She previously had a successful professional career in the health services sector.

Ros is passionate about quality improvement and will bring these skills with her to the Bridgedoctors team.

Ros’s focus at Bridgedoctors will be building a health and safety culture so it becomes second nature to talk about all things that relate to health and safety.

Kevin & Roslyn

For quality bridge inspections by an experienced bridge inspector please get in touch.