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Level 1 inspections

Transport for NSW (TfNSW)- Drive-by inspection of flood damage to bridges in northern NSW following the 2020 floods.

Reports contained the location of damage from flood debris deposits, erosion and scour around bridge foundations. Photographic records were included. Reports were was used by TfNSW to organise repair works.

Level 2 inspections

Transport for NSW (TfNSW) – Level 2 inspections from 2010 onwards on over 400 bridges annually, within the northern Region of NSW. The inspections provided cost effective and sustainable bridge asset management for TfNSW by having a thorough inspection regime, recording of structural defects and understanding of bridge components.

The inspections and reporting complied with TfNSW Bridge Inspection procedures. Inspections included organising access to sites access to all sites and liaison with Government Departments, Public Utility Authorities, landowners and the general public.

Port Stephens Council –Level 2 inspections and reports of Council’s road and pedestrian bridge asset portfolio. These inspections assisted PSC to ensure asset management in a financially sustainable way and represented a substantial savings for PSC.

National Parks and Wildlife Services – Level 2 inspections and reports of 19 vehicle bridges as part of NPWS ongoing asset management. The bridges varied in size and structure from single span log bridges to multi span timber, steel and concrete structures. Some bridges were located on 4WD trails with restricted access.

Taylor Rail Australia – Level 2 inspections and reports on 30 rail bridges and culverts on various rail networks.

Level 2 inspections

Transport for NSW (TfNSW) – Specialised inspections of select bridges and bridge elements, including entry of inspection data into TfNSW’s Bridge Inventory System (BIS).

Bearing Inspections – Irving Bridge, Casino Jenny Constable Bridge, Wiangaree, Missingham Bridge, Ballina and Murwillumbah Bridge, Murwillumbah. Over 5 days bearing inspections were conducted using a MOBI truck. Traffic control and night work were involved.

Detailed Level 2 Inspection – A 4-day inspection of the Grafton Road Rail Bridge involving road closures and an EWP mounted on a river barge.

Detailed Level 2 Inspections– Bawdens Bridge, Glenreagh Bridge, Genreagh, and Pollocks Bridge, Jackadgery. Inspections involved work from an underbridge inspection unit and EWP.

Handover inspections

Woolgoolga to Ballina Project – Woolgoolga to Ballina was the final link in the Pacific Highway, between Hexham and the Queensland border, to be upgraded to four lanes.

On completion of bridge and culvert construction on this project Level 2 handover inspections were carried out on 255 bridges and culverts according to TfNSW Bridge Inspection procedures.

Notable bridges included:

  • Harwood Bridge
  • Richmond River bridge
  • Emigrant Creek bridge

Other Projects

  • Crack Mapping
  • Test boring timber bridges
  • Tunnels


Microbat Habitats – In collaboration with an EcoLogical Australia ecologist, we designed and installed permanent microbat roosting habitats under bridge sized structures.

Weather Stations – Installation and demobilisation of automated water quality stations at Emigrant Creek and Skinners Creek on the T2E project.